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Lake Tahoe, CA

I had suffered from headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome on and off for years and I found Dr. Victor Collins, DC to be one of the most effective Chiropractors that has ever treated me in my 24 years as a Chiropractic patient.  In addition, I was suffering from extreme tiredness and he was the one who discovered my low thyroid condition when 2 medical doctors failed to find it.  He saved my life!  Along with adjustments, therapy, nutritional therapy and exercises he showed me, I now have a healthy life without drugs or surgery.  Because he moved from the Bay Area to Clovis, CA, I now have to go to 3 different Chiropractors to get the same results!

- Lisa B.

Dr. Collins knows what he is doing.  From treating immediate pain caused by injury to releasing long term blocked muscle energies, he has demonstrated to me his knowledge, insight and expertise in helping the body to heal.  He works from specific to holistic, a "systemic" approach in his work with the human body.

-Leona P. 

I completed the detox program and it has been very beneficial in determining the foods that create problems for me.  I also feel that the treatment I have received will contribute to improved health on a long term basis.  I recommend Collins Chiropractic.

- Danell T.

First of all, this office and staff are very welcoming and make you feel very comfortable and no waiting for more than maybe 5 minutes.  As for Dr. Collins, he makes every effort to help you understand the problems of what's going on with your body.  (He really educates you), so you can help yourself.  The treatments are great and I leave this office feeling very good.  Dr. Collins gets to the root of the heart of the problem and goes to work, and gives 100% of himself to treat you.  I myself am getting results as time goes by with my treatments.  I am able to do more things that I was not able to do before (now active without the pain).

-Lila M.

I have been a Farrier (horse shoe installer) for 40 years and Dr. Victor Collins helped my back pain when no one else could.

-Skip H.

My efforts to relieve my back pain always started with Advil, strength training, stretching and walking.  The problem was I was adding to my back problem in many respects.  I was actually re-injuring myself rather than helping the problem.  Dr. Collins gave me the insight as to how my body works and the benefits of Chiropractic treatment.  I sincerely thank Dr. Collins.  The greatest gift for any patient is to have a doctor who cares.

-Richard R.

I have been a patient of Dr. Collins' for about 2 months now.  Before that I had seen over 10 doctors and had lived in constant pain for 10 years.  He was the first one to treat my recurring hip problems and even after this short time, I am walking better, longer and with significantly less pain.  The detox program has already helped my pain and I am finally able to get off pain killers, and most of my other medications.  I'm looking forward to further treatment.

- Karen S.

I came to visit Dr. Collins for headaches in my 8 year old daughter.  There were years of complaints, numerous doctor visits - pediatricians, blood tests and specialists.  They told me there was nothing wrong with her.  "It was all in her head."  Doc Collins listened to her symptoms and was kind and gentle with her.  Through muscle testing he found a number of food allergens and with an elimination diet and regular visits for some cranial decrompression, my daughter is headache free for the first time in many years!  A child should not suffer with pain.  By seeing Dr. Collins my daughter is happier, sleeping better and overall healthier.  This has been the gentlest, kindest care I could offer her.  She is deathly afraid of needles and blood.  She has been helped tremendously by Dr. Collins and now has a new perspective on Doctors.  Your office is a lovely, warm inviting place.  Don't change a thing!  Thank you for not being like all the rest!  Thank you for being true and honest and to do whatever it takes to help people feel better!

- Tina S.

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